Benefits Of CoreAo With Mangosteen

People conscience of their health are always looking for new and inventive ways to increase their overall health. Due to the severe side effects that are linked with many prescription medications, we have taken it upon ourselves to find alternative ways to deal with potential health issues. Let me introduce you with the exotic mangosteen fruit from the tropical islands of Southeast Asia.

So, What is Mangosteen?

Mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana) is a unique pear-shaped, sweet, juicy and tangy tropical fruit that has a deep reddish-purple colored exocarp (rind) when ripe. It grows on an evergreen tree native to the islands of Southeast Asia.

Natives in these parts of the world also refer to mangosteen as “queen of fruits” or “fruit of the gods”. This fruit has been a major part in almost every aspect of the traditional medicine in these cultures. The rind of this fruit is used for its medicinal value for generations.

What Are The Most Notable Mangosteen Health Benefits?

The benefits of this fruit have been known to people in Eastern cultures for years. However, most people in West are only now beginning to become aware of the many significant benefits of consuming the mangosteen fruit can have for individuals who suffer from a variety of health concerns.

  • Antioxidant properties – The central component of the mangosteen fruit, xanthones, are responsible for the effectiveness of the fruit in aiding the health of individuals. There are over 200 known xanthones in nature. Amazingly 20 of them are found in mangosteen, concentrated mainly in the rind. These compounds help in reducing radicals and giving a boost to the body’s immune system.
  • Helps regulate blood pressure and heart rate – Mangosteen fruit also contains high levels of magnesium. Magnesium helps control the electrical function of the heart, keeping the heart rate and blood pressure under control and promoting a regular heart beat. Vitally important for people with minor symptoms concerning their circulatory systems.
  • Prevents inflammation – This has wide-reaching health benefits for people who suffer from a variety of diseases related to inflammation. Because many respiratory issues are caused by inflammation within the passageways of the lungs, reducing that inflammation can open up the airways and allow normal breathing. Therefore, mangosteen fruit may help anyone who suffers from various breathing problems.
    There has been a long-existing train of thought that the ability to efficiently and safely reduce inflammation may help prevent further more severe health complications like cancer, heart disease or respiratory issues.
    Moreover, preventing inflammation may help people who have mobility issues due to swelling and soreness of the joints to feel better and be able to move more freely.
  • Improve digestion – The fiber that naturally exists in the mangosteen fruit may help anyone who suffers from digestive problems to better regulate their digestive systems. The result is increased health throughout the body as many digestive issues negatively affect other areas of the body and may even serve as a springboard for other health problems to arise.
  • Antihistamine properties – In addition to these potential health benefits of mangosteen, this fruit may also help anyone who suffers from allergies. This is also largely due to the ability of the fruit to reduce inflammation. Mangosteen also acts as a natural antihistamine. Some individuals, who suffer from certain diseases of the eyes, are also unable to take allergy medications. Therefore, they are left to try to find solutions that work for them without making their existing health conditions worse.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight – Mangosteen is a low-calorie fruit high in vitamins which aids in the metabolism. This means the potential for a leaner and healthier body, as well as having increased energy. The fruit also has a high fiber content. Its fiber content combined with the B-complex vitamins that are included in the fruit aid in maintaining a healthy weight by safely increasing metabolism and assisting in more efficient function within the digestive system.

Even for those who do not suffer from any health conditions, eating the mangosteen or Drinking CoreAO is an excellent way to provide the body with low-calorie nutrition high in fiber, vitamins and minerals.