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Workouts for a Healthy Heart

Keep your heart at optimal shape The heart is a muscle. Like any muscle, it requires exercise in order to maintain or build strength. The less we move, the weaker the heart may become. The heart needs to be stimulated with a variety of movements to keep it healthy. From frequent low impact movement, to occasional high intensity and strength training, exercise is essential to support a healthy heart.   Regular Slow to Moderate Movement The human body was built to move frequently…

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Start Eating Healthier Today!

A few changes Can make a big difference As we begin to age, it’s important to make sure we’re eating healthy and partaking in healthy habits. For many, this may mean making pretty big changes to your diet and lifestyle. This can be difficult for individuals who have been following the same diet for decades. However, the reality is that as we age and our bodies changes, we need to adapt our diets to fit the…

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Where to start when it comes to heart health

Healthier choices for better health We’ve heard the statistics, watched the documentaries, read the books, and even listened to healthcare professionals. We know we should be making healthier choices,  but how many of us actually are? The current obesity epidemic in America has led to an array of health concerns such as immobilization, diabetes, and heart disease. Yet so many are still not making the necessary changes. Instead, many people wait to make changes after a…

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