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You Can Drink Your Way To Bigger Muscles And Better Sex

75 per cent of your body is made up of water, According to The Journal of Physiology Not surprisingly, dehydration will make your life exhausting because you are depriving yourself of nutrients. And, more often than not, because thirst is a poor indication of dehydration, we often don’t realize we’re not drinking enough fluids until it’s a little too late. Most people don’t realize it, but they do not have a sufficient intake of fluids during…

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6 benefits of staying hydrated

Astoundingly, 75% of Americans are dehydrated, yet proper hydration is at the core of every process in our body and is crucial to staying sharp and primed both mentally and physically! Water accounts for 60 percent of your body (or about 11 gallons or 92 pounds in a 155-pound person) and is essential to every cell. So it’s not to surprising that new research — reported on at a recent British Psychological Society Annual Conference —…

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A chronic problem affecting weight loss- Dehydration

Do you struggle with having enough energy or mental focus to get through your day are you drinking too many sugary or caffeinated drinks to help you get by?  Chronic dehydration and lack of nutrients could be part of the problem. Over the past three decades, North Americans’ consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (a.k.a. pop or soda, juices, kid’s drinks) has skyrocketed. So, too, have rates of overweight, obesity and obesity-related diseases. It’s not a coincidence, a growing body…

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