Water enhancers are a great way to add some flavor and keep you  reaching for that bottle. The problem is that while some taste great, others can be pretty horrible.

Staying hydrated while hiking is crucial but drinking gallons of plain ol’water isn’t going to keep your taste buds entertained. One of the main reasons hikers don’t drink enough water is we just get bored with the lack of flavor.

Mstiks enhances more than just the flavor and are good for you combine with specific vitamin, minerals, electrolytes and other powerful natural ingredients formulated for targeted wellness benefits, delivering Hydration with Purpose

Others enhancers are little more than colored sugar-water filled with chemicals.

Mstiks Advantage

  •  Each Stick is packed with a unique combination of the best natural ingredients to achieve optimal results – the best of nature and science.
  •  Flood your mouth with all-natural fruit flavors to help you drink more water and help eliminate cravings for high-calorie drinks.
  •  Rapid-Dispersion Technology speeds vital nutrients throughout your body’s system. This proprietary no-heat process 1) makes ingredients dissolve quickly 2) enhances the all natural flavors 3) protect delicate nutrients
  •  Preservative Free requires no preservatives or fillers. Every sip gives you body targeted nutrition and specific a bio-benefits

Proper hydration is at the core of every process in our body, and its crucial to optimal mental and physical wellness. Yet, astoundingly, up to 75% of Americans are under -hydrated

If you’re looking to improve the taste of your water but want to avoid all artificial sweeteners, colorants and preservatives then Mstiks is a great option. Stash them anywhere so you’re always ready for a hydration boost.