Why Should You Consider Eating An Egg Daily?

Eggs are the best source of protein. The egg whites are also rich sources of vitamin D, selenium, B6, B12, and minerals, such as iron, zinc, and copper. Although in the past, eggs have been blamed for raising cholesterol levels in an unhealthy manner, the benefit of eating eggs cannot be overlooked according to the researchers at Peking University Health Science Center, who have found that eating eggs go a long way in protecting the health of your heart.

Eggs have been considered since ages as one of the healthiest and nutritious foods. People incorporate eggs in their daily diet by preparing various forms of delicacies using it. Apart from the ample benefits that an egg is said to provide, one of them that has caught the attention of many is the result obtained through research data which states that eating at least one egg daily could lower your chances of facing a heart attack.

Eggs Are The Answer To Reducing Risks Of Stroke And Heart Diseases

Researchers from Oxford University and Peking University Health Science Center determined through researches the connection between the consumption of eggs and the possible chances of strokes and other cardiovascular diseases. It has been observed that eating at least one egg per day could reduce the chances of a heart attack by more than a quarter when compared to those who rarely consumed eggs. Research has also shown that people who consumed about five eggs on an average in a week were 12 percent less likely to suffer from any form of cardiovascular diseases.

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