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Small habits lead to long-lasting results.

Where you are today is a result of your habits Forming good habits is the one thing essential to your success. The quote above by James Clear is not only extremely straightforward, but it is also undoubtedly true. The life you are living today is due to either the sum of good habits, bad ones, or a little bit of both. If you run a successful business, it’s because every day you woke up and formed…

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Purmeric May Help Your Muscles Recover

After a strenuous workout, extra time working in the yard, or playing hard with the kids, you may find that your muscles don’t bounce back as quickly as you’d like. Pretty sure we’ve all been there. But there are things you can do, one of which is taking Purmeric™. Why Purmeric™? Let’s take a look at one of the main components, curcumin, which is what Purmeric™ is. What is Curcumin? Curcumin is the most active component…

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Start Eating Healthier Today!

A few changes Can make a big difference As we begin to age, it’s important to make sure we’re eating healthy and partaking in healthy habits. For many, this may mean making pretty big changes to your diet and lifestyle. This can be difficult for individuals who have been following the same diet for decades. However, the reality is that as we age and our bodies changes, we need to adapt our diets to fit the…

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5 Immune-Boosting Nutrients Your Body Needs

Your 1st Defense Against Pathogens   Your immune system is essential to you living a healthy life. It is your body’s only defense against combating harmful bacteria, viruses, and other disease-causing organisms. When your immune system is healthy, it’s highly capable of fighting off many invading pathogens. However, maintaining a healthy immune system requires good nutrition, exercise, adequate rest, and low stress levels. An easy way to help you maintain a healthy immune system is by making sure you’re consuming the right foods in your diet. These specific nutrients play a vital role in…

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What Do You Drink When Your Thirsty

Soda and diabetes risk We’ve all heard Dr. Wallach’s lecture on the negative effects of soda or more importantly, sugar. His lectures have been backed by many studies including one published on the huffingtonpost.com, “One Can of Soda A Day Raises Diabetes Risk, Study Suggest.” This study found that consuming just one can of soda daily, increased one’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 18 percent. Additionally, those who consumed 2 sodas daily were 18…

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Rebound Fx™ Citrus Punch On-The-Go Stick Packs

With a great tasting citrus punch flavor, Rebound Fx™ Citrus Punch is a superior alternative to high-sodium, high carbohydrate sports drinks. It supplies quick sustained energy, while offering a balance of antioxidants, natural herbs, and minerals that must be Who it’s for: anyone seeking a natural energy boost and replenishment to support exercise. What it does: supplies quick sustained energy, while offering a balance of antioxidants, natural herbs, and the necessary minerals for replenishment. What Sets This Product…

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6 benefits of staying hydrated

Astoundingly, 75% of Americans are dehydrated, yet proper hydration is at the core of every process in our body and is crucial to staying sharp and primed both mentally and physically! Water accounts for 60 percent of your body (or about 11 gallons or 92 pounds in a 155-pound person) and is essential to every cell. So it’s not to surprising that new research — reported on at a recent British Psychological Society Annual Conference —…

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Benefits Of CoreAo With Mangosteen

People conscience of their health are always looking for new and inventive ways to increase their overall health. Due to the severe side effects that are linked with many prescription medications, we have taken it upon ourselves to find alternative ways to deal with potential health issues. Let me introduce you with the exotic mangosteen fruit from the tropical islands of Southeast Asia. So, What is Mangosteen? Mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana) is a unique pear-shaped, sweet,…

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Drink Go For Energy

Infused with vitamins, electrolytes and natural energy, M’s GO•stik functions perfectly with your body to deliver smooth, steadfast, pure energy to power you through the day.  Everyone gets it. That 5 P.M. exhaustion lag, your engine runs out of fuel and you come to a slow crawl. Your body is a machine, is the nutrients you put into it.  Go Stik is packed with essential nutrients your body needs to give you the most energy throughout…

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