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Where to start when it comes to heart health

Healthier choices for better health We’ve heard the statistics, watched the documentaries, read the books, and even listened to healthcare professionals. We know we should be making healthier choices,  but how many of us actually are? The current obesity epidemic in America has led to an array of health concerns such as immobilization, diabetes, and heart disease. Yet so many are still not making the necessary changes. Instead, many people wait to make changes after a…

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Number Of Ways to Move More Each Day

All things we hear we should be doing on a regular, if not daily, basis to improve or maintain our health. As life happens, exercise and movement is often pushed aside to do things we consider more important. We all do it. Let’s look at how you can add movement, mainly walking, into your day. Moving. Walking. Exercise. Why move? There are lots of reasons, many with research to back them, for moving your body on…

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Drinking Water During Pregnancy

Where does all that water come from? It comes from the fluids you drink. This goes to show that drinking water while pregnant is extremely important. Your health, and the health of your baby, depend on it. To help you stay hydrated during the day, here are five tips for drinking water while pregnant. Here’s a fun fact: that little bundle of joy growing inside you is 75% water. As your baby grows, that number can…

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Water and the Dehydration Epidemic
flavoring water stiks

  A recent Harvard study shows 25% of children said they didn’t drink any water in a day, choosing sports drink, soda and juice instead. While that is concerning, it’s even scarier to see that 75% of American adults are in a chronic state of dehydration. Often, many people think dehydration comes from extreme heat or physical exertion but that is inaccurate. It happens when we don’t hydrate our bodies sufficiently for daily living. Most people…

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