Drink Go For Energy

Infused with vitamins, electrolytes and natural energy, M’s GO•stik functions perfectly with your body to deliver smooth, steadfast, pure energy to power you through the day.  Everyone gets it. That 5 P.M. exhaustion lag, your engine runs out of fuel and you come to a slow crawl. Your body is a machine, is the nutrients you put into it.  Go Stik is packed with essential nutrients your body needs to give you the most energy throughout the day. The best part is it’s not packed with heart stopping caffeine and sugars, but natural ingredients engineered to be highly effective, good for you, supremely tasty and excellent for Pre-Workout for those that like to go the the gym.  30 Go STIKS per box

  • Smooth Energy w/No Jitters
  • No Sugar
  • Only 5 Calories
  • Naturally Flavored


Guarana  This plant not only helps keep you energized, it helps with your body’s metabolism, breaking down food and extracting more energy.

Yerba Mate A botanical that is not only packed with antioxidants that help your body with nasty free radicals, it also packed with nutrients, natural caffeine and has even been known to have a euphoria type effect on moods.

Niacin Niacin is key for a healthy heart.  Also known a B3, Niacin can help lower cholesterol and stimulate blood flow throughout your cardiovascular system. Not enough B3, is one of the culprits of your afternoon lag.

Pantothenic Acid Know to most as vitamin B5, this helps break down sugars in your system, turning it into energy instead of love handles. It also has a hand in burning fat and utilizing protein properly.

Vitamin B6 & B12 Probably the most well known of the vitamins because many people don’t get enough. A shame, as it attack fat cells. It also play a key role in clearing your mind and rebuilding brain cells.

Magnesium A powerful electrolyte that is essential for enzyems and energy production. It regulates all the natural caffeine we just talked about, so it helps with the stability of your energy. Keeping your energy levels, level.

Sodium Another powerful electrolyte that is often forgotten. When we sweat we lose sodium, which needs to be replaced in order to better regulate our nervous system function, muscle use and cellular growth.  And no, the salt from fries doesn’t count.

Potassium Another electrolyte that packs a mighty punch, potassium regulate kidney health, insulin levels, muscle growth and pretty much every other organ.

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