The Core Of Your Health

These days our lifestyles are writing checks our bodies can’t cash. That’s because every day our immune system takes hits like a piñata in birthday season: free radicals, stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep… They’re all lining up, and they’re taking their swings.

So suit up your insides and block the body blows: CoreAO boosts your immunity with the world’s most powerful disease-fighting super-nutrients: mangosteen, açai, arginine, bilberry, grape-seed extract, catechins and more—all in a tiny stick-pack that tastes like happiness blended with joy in a bottle full of yum. YUM!

Xanthones are like wellness bots from nature. And CoreAO boasts so many of those bots you’ll want to bathe* in them.


The truest superfood

This sweet tropical fruit boasts powerful antioxidants that help fight off oxidation, infections and viruses. It’s bursting with essential electrolytes, minerals and vitamins (including faves A and C), and it’s high in fiber and low in calories.


antioxidant superstar

This famous berry is an antioxidant superstar, teeming with “anthocyanins,” which have been linked to decreased blood-cholesterol. Açai has shown to lower and maintain healthy body weight, and it’s associated with improved digestion, energy, cellular development and even brain function.


antioxidant & anti-aging agent

Calling card includes the immune-boosting nutrient hesperidin, vitamin C, and some righteous properties to help improve cardiovascular function.



Another heroic fruit loaded with antioxidants. It has more of those delightful anthocyanins, to help protect at a cellular level, plus inherent anti-inflammatory properties and even more cardio support.


rockin’ immune booster

You guessed it: powerful antioxidants, serious anti-inflammatory props, rockin’ immune boosters, and legit help for your brain game.


THE cleaner

Immune-boosting powers of vitamin C, plus natural support for cleansing your insides. (Picture tiny, edible loofahs! Or don’t; it’s totally your call.)


Taken regularly, vitamin C can counter the effects of the common cold (no matter how uncommon you, yourself, are). Also high in antioxidants to help fight free-radical damage, and it’s a natural collagen-booster, which can help skin look smoother.


Essential vitamin for immune-system support and countering disease. Commonly associated with milk consumption and sun exposure—but not everyone loves those! But everyone DOES love their CoreAO.

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